Academic Match – Be A Tutor!

The Academic Match (AM) program matches student tutors with students seeking weekly help in high enrollment academic subjects. AM provides group tutoring in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Statistics, and more! AM tutoring groups are led by one tutor. Groups meet for two hours every week.


Tutor Information

Volunteer tutors facilitate small-group tutoring for up to 8 students.

After signing up to be a tutor, you are matched with a tutee and will receive an email with a day and time assignment, as well as your tutees’ names and contact information. Please understand that not all tutors are used each semester as we work on a supply and demand system.

During the course of the semester, new students may be added to your group. If you would prefer not to have additional students added at any point during the semester, simply inform GUTS of your preference.

About two weeks after you are matched, you will receive a “check-in” email so that you may share any problems you may be having with your group. We are here to support you with any problems or concerns you may have.

Important Points:

  • If you need to cancel a group meeting for the week, please contact your students directly
  • Check out our AM volunteer tutor handbook for more information about working with GUTS
  • Contact the GUTS office for other resources, or check out our Resources page
  • Any other questions, comments, upsets, concerns, or complaints? Contact the GUTS Academic Match Staff directly by emailing the coordinators at We are happy to hear from you!

Spring Tutor Registration is Closed

If you’re interested in volunteer tutoring with GUTS for fall semester, please circle back to this webpage in September. Please email with any questions!