Conversational English Eagle Heights

The Conversational English English Heights (CEEH) program is an after-school program for elementary students. CEEH provides an opportunity for the children living in Eagle Heights community to improve their English Skills. Volunteer tutors work in small groups to create engaging activities to help children develop their written and verbal English skills.

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CEEH provides FREE English tutoring services for children in grades K-5. The program is open to any child associated with UW-Madison and is a great way for these children to have a personalized tutor for their English needs and to meet other students during COVID-19 times. CEEH includes personalized sessions (1:1) and group sessions where students can connect with other youth in the program. It is a great way for your children to get extra support, practice English language skills, and get to know other children in their grade! This year, CEEH will include a combination of outdoor in-person sessions and asynchronous online sessions.

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Do you like working with kids? Are you studying fields related to education? Do you need fun, laid-back volunteer hours? Then join Conversational English Eagle Heights (CEEH)!

Tutors at CEEH create lesson plans with fellow tutors and work weekly with children who are improving their English skills. Our program requires only a 2-hour/week commitment, and volunteering at CEEH is a great way to boost your resume, be involved in the Madison community, and get volunteer hours!

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Conversational English Eagle Heights Coordinators

Kareem Harris

Credentials: Conversational English Eagle Heights

Position title: Program Coordinator


Savannah Sander

Credentials: Conversational English Eagle Heights