Conversational English

The Conversational English (CE) program matches international students and affiliates eager to improve their English skills with volunteer students for conversation-based tutoring. This program is ideal for those passionate about learning about language, culture, and international issues from their peers. Participants will meet in groups of two to four for two hours each week. As a group, you decide when and where to meet. Show your partners your favorite restaurants, get coffee before a Sunday study session, or walk along Lake Mendota!

The world is your classroom and you are your own teachers!


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Hello! | 你好 | Bonjour! | नमस्ते | Hola! |여보세요 | Сәлеметсіз бе

GUTS welcomes all interested in developing their English speaking skills through our Conversational English program. Click the link below for more information!

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Be a Tutor!

If you are a native-English speaker and enjoy:

  • Making new friends
  • Learning about cultures across the world
  • Being an essential service for students on campus
  • Helping shape a supportive campus community

Then joining the Conversational English program is a perfect fit for you!

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CE Social Hours

The Conversational English Social Hour is an opportunity for tutors and tutees to get to know each other better and meet people outside of their small group. These events vary; we may play board games at the Student Activity Center, attend a local parade, or explore Madison together!

CE Lessons

The CE English Lessons are more structured events, usually lasting about an hour and a half. The lessons are geared specifically towards international students, though tutors are encouraged to attend. Our CE coordinators will lead lessons aimed at helping students succeed in a new culture. Former lessons have been about slang, cross cultural communication, studying techniques, and regional differences across the U.S. Please reach out with any ideas you may have for future lessons!

Check out the calendar below and add our fun and educational events to your schedule today!


Allison Garbacz

Conversational English

Program Coordinator

Connie Wang

Conversational English

Program Coordinator