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COVID-19 Response

For new tutors and tutees:

  • Drop-In will be opening back up to the public on April 2nd
  • More information will be provided in the next few days

For current tutors and tutees:

  • We are moving this program online
  • Please check your email regarding how this program will be moving forward
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our coordinators at guts.dropin@gmail.com

Tutors and tutees MUST not participate in face-to-face contact for any reason. We will be mentioning tutoring alternatives in the emails you receive.

Stay safe!

Drop-In volunteer tutors provide immediate, short-term assistance with popular subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Math, Biology and foreign languages. This is a great program for students who want help but can’t make a weekly commitment, or who want a tutor but don’t think they’ll need help every week.


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Najeeha Khan


Program Coordinator