We’re here to help! Take a look through the documents and links to below to help with your tutoring needs. Resources for tutors include Academic Match, Conversational English, and Foreign Language Learners tutor orientations, handbook, attendance sheets and other instructional helps. Resources for students include tips for time management, exam preparation, stress management and other helps. For more guidance, contact our staff.

Featured Resource – Weekly Calendar

Here is a video that works through a weekly calendar that improves your time management.

Download the weekly calendar here: Weekly Calendar

Instructions on weekly calendar:

  1. Make a list of the tasks you have to finish within a given week.
  2. Fill out the calendar with your baseline commitments such as classes, work, extra activities, etc.
  3. Estimate the time each task should take.
  4. Find gaps in their schedule and puts in work time for their tasks accordingly.

The video works through an example of all of these steps.

Links to the programs:  GUTS Study Skills and McBurney Study and Learning Skills 

Resources for Tutors

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Academic Match Resources

  • Academic Match Tutor Handbook: Starting handbook for AM tutors. Non-comprehensive starting guidelines, with worksheets and tips helpful for beginning AM tutors.
  • AM Attendance Sheet: Worksheet for AM tutors to keep track of attendance of their tutees. Helps both staff and tutors to make their volunteering experience worthwhile and streamlined.
  • Tutor Ethics Scenarios: A list of scenarios for discussion on tutor ethics. Great starter for thinking about potential ethical dilemmas in the tutoring sphere.
  • Tutoring 101: A quick reference for tips on effective tutoring. Especially helpful for first-time tutors, but helpful reminder for experienced tutors as well.

Conversational English Resources

  • Conversational English Tutor Handbook: A handbook for CE tutors. Great introduction for first time tutors.
  • How to Log Hours? You will be sent an email inviting you to attend tutor training. In this email
    there will be a link for the tutor log. We recommend that you bookmark this link, as you will use it to complete your tutor log every week.
  • The tutor log will ask you to include your name, what you did with your tutees, how long you met, and it will also ask you to explain if you were unable to meet for that specific week.

Foreign Language Learners Resources

Conversational English Eagle Heights Resources

  • CEEH Digitized Lesson Plans: Resources for both tutors and parents. Lesson plans, videos, and worksheets to help kids learn English.
  • CEEH Videos:
    • Bunny Masks: A fun craft project to celebrate Easter with the kids.

Resources for Students

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GUTS Study Skills Tutorial Videos

Tips and Tools for Academic Success

Campus Resources

Stress Alleviation/Management

Block Social Media Resources

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