About GUTS

GUTS offers free tutoring and mentoring to hundreds of students and university affiliates each semester. From specific classes to conversational language practice to general studying tips and techniques, GUTS has a program to help you! Read more about our mission and the history of GUTS below.

Mission Statement

GUTS was created in 1974 as a student organization dedicated to empowering students as active, independent learners and to cultivate a prosperous educational environment. Students, peer tutors, and staff work together through a system of cooperative learning to foster their personal and academic growth.

The purpose of GUTS is:

  1. To provide UW-Madison students with free tutorial assistance in a variety of subjects and encourage their personal and academic growth.
  2. To provide volunteer, peer-tutoring opportunities for students.
  3. To provide opportunities for staff members to develop leadership skills by administering and coordinating the tutorial programs.


GUTS, formerly GUTS/HASH Tutorial, represents the merger of two formerly separate tutorial programs. In 1974, a housefellow in Sellery Hall began Help at Student Housing (HASH) as a program through which volunteer tutors provided academic assistance to fellow residence hall students. Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) was established in 1976 with a grant from WSA as a parallel tutoring service for students living off campus.

In 1979, GUTS and HASH were unified under one administrative staff with a Board of Advisors. The name GUTS/HASH remained in place until May 1992 when it was shortened simply to Greater University Tutoring Service, or GUTS. It was felt this name change more accurately reflects the university-wide services offered by our program. Since 1992, minor changes in program names and staff position titles have been made. One of the more recent changes to the program includes our partnership since 2008-2009 with the Center for First-Year Experience, which supervises the GUTS Directors.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, GUTS will transition from a Registered Student Organization (RSO) funded by allocable segregated fees to an RSO funded by non-allocable segregated fees. In addition to this funding change, GUTS is now supported by a full-time professional staff member to help manage the transition, oversee GUTS administrative operations, and maintain relationships with the larger learning support community across campus.