Academic Match – Get A Tutor!

The Academic Match (AM) program connects tutors with students seeking help in high enrollment academic subjects. AM provides small group tutoring in Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Statistics, and more! AM tutoring groups are led by one tutor and include 5-8 members. Groups meet for 2 hours every week.


Join a Group!

If you’re interested in joining a small group for tutoring, please email us at Our current tutoring groups are supporting Chemistry 103, 104, 343, and 345, Biology 101, Math 221 and 222, Statistics 301, Anatomy & Physiology 335 and 337, Physics 104, and Economics 101. 

Due to limited availability at this time in our semester, it’s possible that you will not be matched with a group, in which case we recommend that you consider exploring other campus resources at

GUTS Academic Match Calendar

No groups available?

Consider drop-in tutoring sessions with our Drop-In (DI) program.

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