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The Academic Match (AM) program matches student volunteer tutors with students seeking weekly help in high enrollment academic subjects. AM provides group tutoring in Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Foreign Languages, Economics, Statistics, and more! AM tutoring groups are led by one tutor and include 3-8 members. Groups meet for 2 hours every week. Once you submit your registration, our staff will match you with a tutor as soon as possible depending on tutor availability.

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Tutee Registration

Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding!

Step 1: Check the calendar on this page to see if there is an open section for your class that will work for your schedule. Each group can accommodate up to eight tutees.

Step 2: If you find a group, Please fill out the AM Tutee Contract and send it along with the group number to the GUTS Academic Match Coordinators at  to join the group. It is important that you do this ASAP because we add people to groups on a first come first serve basis.

AM Tutee Contract

If you are unable to find an open group, please proceed to Step 3 and fill out a registration interest list form with your availability using the directions below. This will help us know the demand for each subject. When a group that works for you opens on the calendar (you can keep checking back on the Academic Match page), you can contact the coordinators and we can add you to the group.

Step 3: Please choose the type of subject you need help with from the list below. Click the link to be put on the interest list.

Is your group unavailable?

Consider coming for drop-in tutoring sessions with our Drop-In (DI) program.

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Academic Match Tips

  • How to Get The Most Out of Academic Match Study Groups | GUTS Tip

    The Academic Match Program is a useful service for students interested in extra academic assistance. When it comes to higher enrollment courses, it can be especially difficult to have a personalized experience. This individual attention is what GUTS as an organization and our dedicated volunteer tutors in AM hope to provide. While you may have your tutors and program coordinators as available resources, there are other ways to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from your weekly sessions. This week’s tip will focus on what you can do to get the most out of your AM study group.

Academic Match Coordinators

McKenna Laurent

Credentials: Academic Match

Position title: Program Coordinator


Colin Moser

Credentials: Academic Match

Position title: Program Coordinator