Study Skills Workshops

The Study Skills Program provides free workshops and presentations to the UW-Madison community on a variety of topics ranging from time management and organization to test-taking tips. Workshops are tailored to meet specific requests and the needs of audiences.

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Workshop Topics

GUTS Study Skills staff tailor workshops and presentations to meet the needs of specific audiences but generally can present on the following topics:

This workshop generally focuses on setting up a planner, creating a personalized study schedule, breaking down large assignments into smaller and more manageable segments, prioritizing work, and more!

This workshop discusses task initiation, gamification, creating conducive working environments, goal setting, and habit tracking.

This workshop will provide tips on refocusing, finding effective study spots around campus or at home, and improving focus in and out of the classroom.

This workshop centers around note-taking styles and methods, organizing notes, and effectively using notes to study for exams.

This workshop assists students in creating a personalized study schedule for an upcoming exam, creating manageable study goals, and identifying active v. passive study strategies.

This workshop largely focuses test-taking strategies including how to take a multiple-choice test. Guidance around studying, retaining material, and time management is also covered.

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