Study Skills Workshops

The Study Skills program has three different types of workshop lectures:

This workshop can easily be used throughout the semester. It heavily focuses on time management, studying versus learning, test taking strategies, and tips for studying. It also briefly covers multiple choice tests and learning styles.

This workshop focuses mostly on how to take a multiple choice test. Within that topic studying, learning, and time management is also covered. A large majority of the workshop is geared towards tips, tricks, and ways of being confident when taking a multiple choice test.

This workshop is geared towards finals week. While basic study skills are covered, a majority of the lecture is dedicated to time management, retention of material, and concentration.

For a workshop to occur, a representative from a specific dormitory, student organization, or campus department must request a workshop by filling out the form below. We ask for a guarantee of at least 15 people in attendance.

We do not do workshops for just one floor in a dorm: if you are a housefellow interested in having a workshop, please work with other House Fellows and the Academic Program Coordinator to hold a Study Skills workshops for all residents in that dorm. This prevents us from holding the same workshop 2-3 times in the same dorm. Thanks!

Questions, comments, or concerns? E-mail the Study Skills Senior Coordinator at

Request a Workshop

Please fill out the form below to request a Study Skills workshop. We cannot guarantee fulfilling workshop requests with less than two weeks’ notice.

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Questions, comments, or concerns? E-mail the Study Skills Senior Coordinator at

Study Skills Coordinators

Brynne Boeck

Credentials: Study Skills, Peer-2-Peer Mentorship Program

Position title: Program Coordinator/Study Skills Specialist