World Language Learners – Be A Tutor!

The World Language Learners (WLL) program matches student volunteer tutors experienced in a world language with world language students to converse for 2 hours per week.

WLL is ideal for students who already have a basic command of the language and are looking to practice the language in a casual setting. Once you submit your registration, our staff will reach out to you so you can be involved in this program.


Tutor Information

Any UW student fluent in a world language and interested in tutoring a non-native speaker can be a world language tutor. Being a tutor in this program will improve your tutoring skills and cross-cultural communication skills.

How to Be a Tutor

Step 1: Sign up. Fill out the registration form found on this page.

Step 2: Attend a training session. You will receive an email from WLL about the training, including the time and meeting information. Please follow the instructions in the email to sign up for the training. Returning tutors and new tutors are required to attend the training session this semester to become a WLL tutor.

Step 3: Checking your group information. During the training session, you will receive a match email from WLL with your group information.

Step 4: Wait for contact from your tutees. Once you receive the match email, your tutees will receive the email at the same time. Your tutees are supposed to contact you within 72 hours after the match emails are sent. Please let us know if your tutees do not contact you. When you receive their emails, you can set up tutoring time with them.

World Language Learners Coordinators

Fiona Freeman

Credentials: World Language Learners

Position title: Program Coordinator


Vivian Zhai

Credentials: World Language Learners

Position title: Program Coordinator