World Language Learners – Be A Tutor!

Any UW-Madison student fluent in a world language and interested in tutoring a non-native speaker can be a world language tutor. Being a tutor in this program will improve your tutoring skills and cross-cultural communication skills. All tutors in this program are volunteers.


How to Be a Tutor

Step 1: Sign up. Fill out the registration form found on this page. If you are a returning tutor and wish to remain in your existing group, please indicate your tutees’ names in the form.

Step 2: Watch the tutor training presentation video.

Step 3: Check your group information. A matching email from WLL with your group information will be sent out after you have completed the training quiz.

Step 4: Reach out to your tutees within 72 hours to set up your first session. Match emails will be sent to all group members and will include contact information. Please let us know if your tutees fail to respond after a week.

Step 5: Review the Tutor/Tutee contract in your first session and complete the Tutor/Tutee Contract Submission form linked under “WLL Tutor Resources” on this page.

Spring 2024 Tutor Registration has closed.

Please consider circling back to our website in the fall to register to be a tutor with World Language Learners.