Conversational English – Get A Tutor!

Hello! | 你好 | Bonjour! | नमस्ते | Hola! |여보세요 | Сәлеметсіз бе

If you want to work on English communication skills, learn more about other cultures, and make new friends on campus, the Conversational English (CE) program may be right for you!

The CE program matches students eager to improve their English skills with volunteer students for conversation-based tutoring. You and your partner(s) will meet for a total of one to two hours a week, and the time and location are up to you!

CE tutoring services are open to UW-Madison students. 


How to Get a Tutor

Step 1: Register using the “Tutee Registration link on this page. Be sure to read all instructions and questions carefully. It is best that you only sign up for times that you know you will be available for the whole semester.

Step 2: Wait to be matched. Due to there normally being many people who are interested in our services, it may take a couple weeks for you to be matched, but we will try our best to make sure that everyone is able to participate in the program!

Step 3: Once you have been matched into a group, email your tutor right away and introduce yourself. We will provide you with your tutor’s email address. You should discuss what platform you will be using to conduct your tutoring sessions.

Step 4: You may only miss two (2) tutoring sessions unexcused. After this, we will have to drop you from the group. Since there are many people who are looking to find a tutor, we think that it is only fair that we ask those who have signed up to be diligent about showing up to their tutoring sessions. Excused absences (i.e. emergencies, pre-planned commitments, exams, etc.) do not count against you, but you must email your tutor beforehand. 

Spring 2024 Tutee Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My tutor is not responding to my attempts to contact them. What should I do?

If this happens, please notify your CE coordinators. We will do our best to contact them. If we do not hear back from them within a week, we will sadly have to pull them as a tutor and you will need to sign up for another tutoring group.

I cannot make it to one of my tutoring sessions due to (reason). Will this count for one of my two absences?

It depends on the reason. If it is an excused absence then it will not count against you. Here is what we define as excused:

  • Emergency situations (hospitalization, death in the family, etc.)
  • Illness
  • Pre-planned events (work meetings, club activities/outings, etc.)
  • Religious holidays / observations
  • Exams

For situations excluding emergencies and illness, we would like you to notify your tutor 2 weeks in advance of your tutoring session.

Simply skipping your tutoring session with no notification sent to your tutor is what we consider to be an unexcused absence. You are only allowed to do this two (2) times throughout the semester. After you have surpassed this limit, we will drop you from the group. Your tutor will be taking attendance at each session and will note to us whether or not they received any prior notification about absences. 

If you have any questions about what constitutes an excused versus an unexcused absence, feel free to email us!