World Language Learners – Get A Tutor!

The World Language Learners (WLL) program matches student volunteer tutors experienced in a world language with world language students to converse for 2 hours per week.

WLL is ideal for students who already have a basic command of the language and are looking to practice the language in a casual setting. Once you submit your registration, our staff will reach out to you so you can be involved in this program.


Tutee Information

Our program offers weekly group tutoring in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and more! This program allows you to converse in the language you’re learning and improve your fluency, increase your cultural awareness, and its great practice for speaking and living abroad.

Once you submit your registration, our staff will match you with a volunteer tutor as soon as possible depending on tutor availability.

Please Note: Because our tutors are volunteers, we cannot guarantee that tutors will be available for every language.

How to Get a Tutor

Step 1: Sign up. Fill out the registration form found on this page.

Step 2: Wait to be matched. Due to there normally being many people who are interested in our services, it may take a couple weeks for you to be matched, but we will try our best to make sure that everyone is able to participate in the program!

Step 3: As you are matched into a group, you will receive an email from WLL about your group information. Email your tutor right away and introduce yourself within 72 hours once you receive the email. We will provide you with your tutor’s email address. You should discuss what platform you will be using to conduct your tutoring sessions.

World Language Learners Coordinators

Vivian Zhai

Credentials: World Language Learners

Position title: Program Coordinator