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Every student has specific and required classes they need to graduate in their major. However, many of us are able to pick additional classes for electives or to satisfy certain major requirements. In this tip, some of our coordinators are sharing with you a unique and interesting class that they took and loved, their “must-takes”. Some of these may satisfy a major requirement (like Communications B, or a science), whereas others are good for getting to that 12-credit minimum.

Cole Navin | AN SCI 200

During my freshman year, I took The Biology and Appreciation of Companion Animals (AN SCI 200), a.k.a. Pet Biology for letters and science (L&S credit) and I really enjoyed it. Instead of learning about human biology like we have done throughout the years, this class is entirely focused on pets including fish, rabbits, amphibians, birds, and of course cats and dogs. The basic care, reproduction habits, unique qualities/characteristics, nutrition, and diseases for a variety of pets are all covered. The professor, Ron Kean, is a bit “old-school” but personable and very knowledgeable. If you are considering being a pet owner, or are interested in learning about the biology of something other than humans, I highly recommend this class.

Shane Kennedy | CS&D 110

One class that I took that I feel more people should take is Introduction to Communicative Disorders (CS&D 110). This class teaches you about speech, hearing, and language, and how communication can be affected by disorders. The things that you learn about in this class will definitely help you communicate better in whichever field you study and/or work in. The instructional staff are super passionate about the material and the class is a lot of fun while also being very informative.

Mckenna Laurent | ENGL 140

I think anyone looking to take a literature class should take English 140, The Figure of the Outsider, with Professor Anja Jovic-Humphrey. In this course you will read various novels, all of which deal with what it feels like to be on the outside. Not only are the texts memorable and thought-provoking, Professor Jovic-Humphrey is an incredible lecturer. From her personal stories to her analysis of the texts, this is a class that will keep you engaged all semester long.

Josh Mitchell | LSC 251

My favorite class I’ve taken at UW has to be LSC 251, Science, Media, and Society. It was a great way to understand the conceptual framework of science communication and its applicability to societal discussions about science and developing technologies around the world. The class is a great way to explore the social, political, and cultural influences defining the interface between research and the general public.

Fiona Freeman | LINGUIS 101

I took LINGUIS 101, Human Language, and I highly recommend it! Language is something that affects all of us, so learning about the processes behind language and language processing was so interesting. If you’re interested in learning about a variety of languages outside of English, I would recommend taking this course.


Written by Cole Navin

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*This is an opinion post based on personal experiences of the persons listed above.