Coordinators’ Perspective: What to Consider When Picking Classes | GUTS Tip

In a few weeks, us Badgers will be picking classes for this summer or, more likely, the fall semester. But, when picking classes, what should you consider? Us coordinators have compiled some tips of what we do and consider when choosing classes so we can stay-on-track, pick a class that we enjoy and works for us, and of course with a good professor and intriguing course content that may help you when choosing your own classes.

Coordinators’ Perspective: Language Learning Tips | GUTS Tip

Learning a second language is an extraordinary and immensely rewarding experience. As part of the process, you learn and embrace new cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking. Many of our coordinators, including myself, are learning a second language and we want to provide you with some tips we have found helpful throughout our language-learning journey that may help you in starting, or improving, your own.