Boosting Language Confidence | GUTS Tip

While starting a new language can be fun and exciting, it can also bring unwanted feelings of anxiety and discomfort. Usually, you struggle not because you do not understand, but because you are doubting yourself. It’s completely natural to be unsure, especially with foreign languages. You may stumble through sentences, worrying about conjugations or masculine vs feminine forms, or if the idea you want to communicate is getting lost because of your accent. Yes, it is definitely intimidating to speak a foreign language at any stage, but you’ll never master that language without conversational use. The key? Stop doubting yourself and get confident.

Improving Language Skills Online | GUTS Tip

Language learning is a very long process, and, most importantly, it is incredibly individual. Each person learns and understands a foreign language differently, so you should always be active in making your own lesson plan and finding resources that best fit your goals. With the pandemic, it’s been a bit harder for students to practice and communicate with others in their target language, so here are some tips and digital ways that you can keep improving even if you’re stuck inside!